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Actually the name fashion designing is becoming one of the most recognized and interesting fields in the Pakistani fashion industry. All the fashion designers in the Pakistani fashion industry are facing very touch competition. All these fashion designers are not only facing the competition with each other but also facing the competition in the international fashion designers as well. From all the fashion designers of the Pakistani fashion industry the most common name is the fashion designer Yahsir Waheed. Actually he is the most competitive and very brilliant fashion designer that’s why he is ranked in the top most fashion designers in Pakistan fashion industry.

Yahsir Waheed

Yahsir Waheed

From the well known National College of Arts Lahore, the fashion designer Yahsir Waheed has completed his studies in textile design. After that from UK he did 2 years specialization in the knitwear design and started his career as a knitwear designer at a textile company. In the year 1992 he introduced his own label named “Ai No Corrida”, this label was basically a trendy label and was used for urban youth. The fashion designer Yahsir Waheed joined a school as a faculty member in 1994, when the government of Pakistan started the Pakistan School of Fashion Design. In 1999, the fashion designer Yahsir Waheed ventured into creative and commercial successes in the area of fashion textiles with the help of its brand “Yahsir Waheed Lawn”.

Beautiful Yasir Waheed Lawn Dresses

Beautiful Yasir Waheed Lawn Dresses

At the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2010, Yahsir Waheed showed his collection of Prêt a Porter and ‘Kee Janah Meh Kon’. All the collections of the Yahsir Waheed were inspired by the famous kafi writer of the Punjabi Sufi Poet Baba Bulleh Shah. All the collection of the Yahsir Waheed was having explanation of the current political and social turmoil and also the confusion of our times. All the collection of the fashion designer Yahsir Waheed is focused on the women’s wear and also with selective pieces for men which were are in pure silks, chiffon and cotton.

yasir waheed pfdc pakistan fashion week

yasir waheed pfdc pakistan fashion week


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