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By anas

Various people complain that their weight is increased during winter season and they declared that they are foodie. But excessive eating is not the reason of their obesity. In fact there are many factors, which contribute increase in weight during the winter season.

Be in Home During Winter

During the winter, there is cold outside and people think that they should be in home rather than go out. When they do not go out of the home excessively, they also remain away from taking the exercise, and they also do not get so much heat of the sun.

Long Nights

The days are short and night are long during the winter season and people sleep for long time and they feel comfortable and their body cycle becomes passive, which can contribute in increase in weight of the human being.

Good Food During Winter

During the winter season, people like to eat good food. Various seasonal fruits and different foods increase your body weight.

Increase in Metabolism

Increase in metabolism is good for health but when it is increased with great pace, it contributes in increase in body weight. According to recent research, when the calories in our body reduce suddenly, we feel very hungry and we eat too much and we suffer with obesity.

Change in Weather

The change in weather can affect the health of the human being. Some people are affected so much that they suffer from depression. To save themselves from the change in weather, they restrict themselves to their homes and they become fat.

Sweat Dishes in Winter

During the winter season, people want to eat good things and they also like to eat sweat dishes. When they get more sweat dishes beyond their requirements, then they can become fat in short time.

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