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Wardha Saleem ‘Jhirki’ at Pantene HUM Showcase 2019

House of Wardha Saleem has launched the new collection ‘Jhirki’ and it is the step to revive antiquated crafts and techniques of sub continent with special focus on Hand wood block printing. The hand block printing is the old technique and skills have been done through generations. The skilled craftsman uses the hand carved wooden blocks and traces the background or routine and employs the filler blocks for geometric and floral motifs.

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Jhirki means the house sparrow in Sindhi language and it focuses on the production, preservation and promotion of indigenous crafts in order to create the timeless pieces.

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Wardha Saleem has started her career with hand block prints in 2004 in the small studio, which has craftsmen to create handcrafted textile products through their specialized skills of block printing, appliqué and embroidery work. She managed her first block printing exhibition in 2005 and it was continued till the official launch of Wardha Saleem brand in 2009. The fashion house has launched the latest collection after going back to roots and embraces the tradition with strong vision of supporting artisans through this craft.

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This brand has launched its collection at HUM Showcase and spring summer 2019 collection is added with bespoke Hand block and screen prints on organza, pure silk and chiffons with heritage embroideries and old techniques on modern silhouettes to create the taste of fusion in own signature style of Wardha Saleem.

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