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The fashion parade was conducted in Karachi, which was continued for three days and it is finished last night. In this FPW, the fashion designers and the organizers participated and it got tremendous success, which the organizers and the fashion designer could not imagined. All of the people were very excited and they celebrated this event very much. In this fashion week, latest trends and unique and latest styles of the dresses were introduced. In this fashion week, people watch the appealing dresses, with accessories and attires.

On first day of the fashion week, some beautiful and unique dresses and apparel lines were shown and some unusual dresses and the creations were displayed. The people can watch some beautiful dresses and the bizarre moments of the FPW S/S 2016 have been added.

The Best of FPW Day 1

On the first day of FPW day 1, the women found dazzling and wonderful dresses and the magical models and the wonderful showstoppers showed the dresses for the fashion lovers and it gave wonderful impression to the women and girls.

Best Collections

Best Collections

Best Collections


Best Collections

Best Collections


Best Collections

Best Collections


In the Fashion Pakistan Week, the fine quality dresses with unique designs are prepared and these dresses are also shown on the ramp of the fashion show. The huge number of fashion designers attended the fashion show in which Maheen Karim, Deepak Perwani and Sanam Chaudhary are prominent. There are two new names in this fashion week, in which Uzair Shahzad, who is the participant of Bank Al Falah Rising Talent and Kayseria.

Uzair Shahzad is the rising and true talent and he showed his talent by showing his innovative designs in the dresses. He should give attention on recycling and he showed the attires, which he prepared with the use of safety pins and bird cages.

Kayseria is the talented and most popular fashion designer, who has showed his traditional collection. He prepared the pastel color palette and the different designs are prepared with intricate mirror and embroidery work. The dresses are prepared with short shirt and it is added with straight pants with long shirts and lehengas.

Best Accessories




Warda Saleem worked for Jafferjees and she is dedicated to show the accessories. Warda has made the collaboration with Jaffarjees to present the accessories brand with the latest and fine quality handbag collection. Warda has prepared the gorgeous line of apparel for the models and she walked on the ramp to showcase the amazing handbag collection.

In this collection, the handbags are placed and they are painted with the illustration of birds and floral designs. These handbags are prepared with the color base of black accentuated with the color of green neon. There are not only handbags to show in the collection but also the footwear were also shown there and models were walking on the ramp in knee high gladiators to show the perfect complement of designs of Warda and Jaffarjees bags.

Celebrity Showstoppers




This fashion parade has given wonderful excitement to the women as the fashion models showed the dresses on the ramp and the Celebrity showstoppers also came on the ramp and they brought new life in the whole show and they presented the dresses in excellent style. On this day, there are not one or two but the three showstoppers, who appeared in this fashion show.

There is one other celebrity, which has impressed others, is Ayza Khan. All of the people showed their pleasure to watch her back in the limelight as she did everything from her acting to modeling and walking on the ramp.

Ayesha Omar appeared on the ramp to show the dresses of Maheen Khan and Sikandar Rizvi appeared for showing dresses of Deepak Parwani.

The Bizzare Moments of FPW Day 1







In this fashion collection, we watched some of the trendiest fashion collections and the wonderful showstoppers but there were some of the bad collections of the day 1, which are

Just..what were you thinking Mr. Designer?

During the fashion week, when any fashion house presents its dresses, but it does not get the attention of the viewers and they lost their mind, then people stated thinking what the fashion designer was thinking at the time of designing the outrageous dresses of this fashion collection or was he thinking about it or not.

It is happened at that time when the designer gives attention on the creativity and he could not create the new designs to have eclectic aesthetic appeal.

This mostly happens when the designer solely relies on creativity and fails to merge his creative spin with an eclectic aesthetic appeal. Syeda Urnia has prepared the peculiar style of dresses and people were wondered seeing her dress collection. She is the contestant of Bank Al Falah Rising Talent. She used black and white colors to show the flowy cuts and added the odd finish in her collection and her collection can be called bizarre collection.

The collection of Obaid Sheikh was also in the trends section of the show and people were smiling on the shockingly bright colored and the models were looking odd while showcasing the dresses.

Never Ending Line Up









The first day of the fashion week was very busy and it seemed that it did not today as there was huge number of designers, who presented their beautiful and unique dresses. FPW has introduced the wonderful and latest style of dresses and it got the attention of the people. There are about three fashion designers like Sanam Chaudfhary, Maheen Khan and Obaid Sheikh, who presented their collection one by one.

In this collection Delphi has also presented her collection of the dresses at the end of the first day of the fashion week, though her name was not added in the lineup of day 1.
People liked this fashion week and huge number of people came here to watch the whole collection of the dresses and they showed their excitement in this collection. The arrangement of the fashion collection was not up to the mark, which was expected from the organizers. There were many people, who were standing in the show as the seating capacity was limited. There was also big delay between on designer to the next designer to showcase their dresses and people getting bore and they left the show.

The fashion designer, Deepak Perwani has shown the dress collection and he is the official spokesperson of the fashion council to make some arrangements at the last minute and deal with the backstage chaos in the main event.

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