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Trends come and go, but a good fashion sense stays with you like your natural style does. What you wear shows your fashion sense and your style, but also an introduction of you as a person. Your trust portrays you as a style icon. The easy way to make a fashion faux pas and screw up a style and trend confusion blindly follow others.


Style is half or less Trend

Hot Model in Style is half or less Trend


Following the fashion trends such as the standard we must be very careful not to lose our individual sense of style. It is this individual taste of fashion and style that makes this world so colorful. But this does not mean that you do not keep abreast of fashion around you. Keep track of the trends around you and the style rage nowadays, but they adjust to wearing them.

What looks good on them not too good on you. Wear confidence and wear your own style, that is the only fashion trend that never goes wrong.

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