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Short Hair Got Trendy These Days0 Comments

By jawad

As the summer season is in full swing and there is great trend of the short hair among the people especially in the Bollywood celebrities. The fashionable and modern girls are looking for the latest and trendy hairstyle for summer 2017. They want to have short hair trend these days and there are many celebrities, which are being spotted in short hair.

Trend of Short Hair These Days

Ramsha Khan

The leading celebrity of Pakistani showbiz industry is looking superb in her short hair.

Fiza Ali

Fiza Ali has proved herself as actress and host and she has short hair for this summer season and this is looking trendy and beautiful.

Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz is leading personality of showbiz industry and she knows well to carry out the short hair.

Sadaf Kanwal

Sadaf Kanwal is the leading actress and she has short hair, which has enhanced her impressive personality.

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