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By zeeshan

Photography is a skill and most of the people want to make pictures of their families and also of their own. Some of them become the professional photographers and they started photographing of their relatives and dear ones, and also of the wedding and marriage parties along with mehndi and walima pictures. The photography is an art and some people are master in this art and they make wonderful and unique pictures. We find some of the talented photographers, who have skills and they can make good photos of the wedding parties or for some other gatherings. Some photographers give photography lessons to the students in particular institutes and universities. We are going to share the information and list of the professional and most talented photographers, who have earned great reputation in top Pakistani fashion and wedding photographers.

Arsalan Sheikh:

Arsalan Sheikh is the talented and qualified wedding, commercial and portrait photographer, who is associated with ‘ICART PHOTO’, which is the highly acknowledged School of Photography and Journalism in Paris. He has tremendous skills and he got highest qualifications and for the forward thinking and he worked in his field extensively.

The reportage style of photography of Arsalan Sheikh is refreshing and wonderful. He has the relaxed approach towards his photography and he is able to make fantastic and vibrant images to show the natural and real events of the wedding and other functions.

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Irfan Ahson:

Everyone knows about the talented and skilled photographer, Irfan Ahson and he has done wonderful photography for many years and now he is expert in his field.

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Amir Lodhi Photography:

Amir Lodhi is the leading and talented photographer, who has been working at ARY News. He captured the pictures on the wedding ceremony of brother of Sanam Baloch.

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Mohammad Haris Usmani:

Muhammad Haris Usmani is the wonderful and talented photographer and he gives lecture on photography at Iqra University.


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