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Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued the directives to all TV channels regarding not telecast of the obscene content on their tv channels.

PEMRA has issued the notification and the authority has issued the warnings to the TV channels to air such content that goes against commonly accepted standards of decency and morality. When PEMRA received such recurring complaints against the indecent and obscene content in Pakistani TV dramas on the Pakistani Citizen Portal (PCP), Feedback System and PEMRA complaints call center through the WhatsApp and social media.

PEMRA has issued the directions to all TV channels to stop telecast of the dramas, which can have the indecent contents and the tv channels will have to remove all these scenes from the dramas before airing them. PEMRA Initiatives against Telecast of Indecent Drama Contents. Now the TV channels will have to ensure the compliance of the laws of PEMRA and Electronic Media code of conduct 2015. If the tv channels will not abide by the laws then the legal action will be taken against them.

Media regulatory authority has banned the reality show, ‘Naked and Afraid’, which was aired on the Discovery channel and this show was added with some obscene and vulgar scenes.


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