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Latest Mehndi Designs1 Comment

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Mehndi is a subcontinent, and Islamic tradition. Mehndi is a traditional trend that manages to stay in fashion. Mehndi designs have quickly gained popularity in the west also because it is a lot like hand painting and tattooing.


Latest Mehndi Designs

Latest Mehndi Designs


Mehndi is a whole new meaning during the festivities, especially the traditional celebrations like weddings and Eid.

Beauty Salons mehndi special packages these days. Mehndi designs have a whole new meaning. Mehndi designs are simple yet elegant, mehndi designs can be developed floral patterns or designs can be Mughal art mehndi patterns. Mehndi designs can be based on the use of personal happiness symbols too.

Mehndi is associated with luck, a good dark mehndi design is a sign of good luck. It is customary for the names of the bride and groom must be concealed in the Mehndi design.

On Eid Mehndi is a whole new meaning as a “sunnah”. For Muslims who mehndi an entirely new religious fervor also. On Eid night women get special mehndi designs. Of brides’ hands to be used for tattoos on the arms and abdomen, is diverse and versatile mehndi mehndi designs now.

This email ID will not let your mehndi design the same boring pattern. Make your Mehndi interesting!

An indispensable element of Islamic culture, mehndi has been cosmopolitan by the will of Madonna. It’s Eid, Mehndi the fun.

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