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Je Suis Belle Collection at PFW12 London 20170 Comments

By Safyan


The most prominent fashion designer, Reema Ahsan has released her latest and unique fashion collection of the dresses, ‘Je Suis Belle’, at Pakistan Fashion Week London 12th edition. The fashion designer has launched the collection to show that she is greatly influenced by the travel experiences and interests. She has introduced the geometric prints and florals, which are two most prominent patterns, which she incorporated in her work. Reema loves to pay with bright and rich colors and makes the experiment with different cuts and silhouettes.

The choreographer of the event is Adnan Ansari and first after 12 years and it is vibrant display of trends, styling and textiles. There are many people living in London and others, who travelled across UK to watch the shows, which is invaluable and allow having access to the Pakistani designers. 














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