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Different Types of Jhumkas that Girls Loves Wearing

When the women attend the weddings or the formal family gatherings or parties, they can check the huge popularity of jhumkas among the girls. This trend is getting popular among women and the main reason is that Jhumkas are the best option to bring elegance and traditional appearance in the personality of the women and girls. There is the wide option of designs and jhumkas, which the girls will love to wear. Girls Like to Wear Different Types of Jhumkas.

Different Types Of Jhumkas That Girls Loves Wearing

1.       Traditional Gold Jhumkas:

Traditional Gold Jhumkas

The women and girls can watch this style of jhumkas and it is provided with perfect traditional attir. It is created with 22 k gold with blend embellishment of many stones including ruby, emerald, coral, pearls, opal, kundan and sapphire.

2.       Stylish Silver Oxide Jhumkas:

Stylish Silver Oxide Jhumkas

The style of jhumkas is made from use of silver material and they are known with name of Gujrati style jhumkas. The jhumkas, which are made from silver oxidized are shaded with embellishment of blackish color.

3.       Marvelous Diamond Jhumkas:

Marvelous Diamond Jhumkas

You can also find the name of wonderful diamond jhumkas, which you will like to wear al the time. They are sparkling and they had the glamorous effects in these jhumkas.

4.       Elegant Kashmiri Jhumkas:

Elegant Kashmiri Jhumkas

You will notice that the kashmiri jhumkas are now in trend and they are made with the use of silver material. These jhumkas are worn in two different styles by tucking them behind the ears or you can wear them by tugging the chains to hair through help of pins.

5.       Graceful Terracotta Jhumkas:

Graceful Terracotta Jhumkas

This style of jhumka is the best option for the women and they like to wear the metal or gold earrings. These jhumkas are prepared with handmade use of natural earthen baked clay and they are shaded in vibrant colors.


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