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We often make mistakes that way to us seems the latest trend. We look at how these fashion mistakes our sense of fashion and style influence.

Here are a few simple tips for a fashion trend without any errors follow.


Trend the blind goose chase

Trend the blind goose chase


* All colors suit your skin tone. How to tell what color suit you to ensure that paragon of fashion mistakes.
* For every occasion you an appropriate makeup ie, light for day, heavier for the evening go so wrong with makeup and it is the most lethal of the fashion mistakes.
* Your shoes must be appropriate to the occasion and should go with your dress and follow the trend.
* If it does not fit, do not wear it. Squeezing into a size that is too tight for you may feed your vanity, but it will appear overfed to everyone else.
* Make sure your bra fits you. It is very embarrassing if your bra show or it rides in the back.
* Fashion mistake will be letting your slip show from under your skirt.
* Manicure is a must. Keep your nails clean and evenly trimmed. Fashion mistakes are best avoided by wearing the appropriate color nail for the right time.

When dressing, keep a sense of your own personal style. Otherwise, try to duplicate someone else will just look up popular for your fashion mistakes and a lack of style, the only trend you are following.

Fashion bloopers are easy to make, but a Sure Shot ways to avoid them is to keep your own sense of style of playing based on your body frame, clothing preferences and personality.

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