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By zeeshan

The Indian food and art can be found in Singapore but the viewers will not find any Pakistani food, art or music. There is great difference in the cultural footprints of both the countries and the Singapore based Pakistani, Azzah Waseem has set up the seven day festival entitled, ‘Fun aur Funkaar’ and during this festival, they have shown the Pakistani foot, art, music and fashion.

Seven-Day festival of Pakistani Food in Singapore

Seven-Day festival of Pakistani Food in Singapore

Azzah Waseem is the managing director of the events company with the name of Momentz by Azzah and she said that the positive sides of Pakistan and its society are not projected as much as the negative aspects. It is time to show how we are rich in our art, culture and talent. The festivities are provided on Friday in the concert presented by JoSH at Magic Carpet Lounge and there were five day gastronomic journey starts at Aryaa Kitchen on Beach Road and they provided different dishes on each day concerning Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan.

The art lovers got the opportunity to appreciate 55 paintings of diverse styles and it is added with portraits, abstracts and Islamic calligraphy. The exhibitions are conducted at the Asian Art Platform and it will show the features works of Pakistani artists like MA Bukhari, Aamir Khatri, Erum Adnan and AS Rind.

The event ‘Fun aur Funkaar’ will bring them close with the fashion show and it showed the bridals and formal collection prepared by the popular Pakistani designer, Rana Noman and they are decorated by jewellery designer, Tanya Farooq, who is Singapore based. Pakistani actor, Mikaal Zulfiqar was there to present for meet and greet.

Azzah claimed that this festival is managed not only for the Pakistanis living in Singapore but for the Singaporeans. She says that most of the people living in this country, do not know much about pakistan and this festival is the great opportunity for them to learn more through the food, art, music or fashion. She makes the plan to make the event, ‘Fun aur Funkaar’ an annual affair and it will also include Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.


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