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Lahore, As the Independence Day has arrived and this is the big day, which can bring hope and desire in the hearts of Pakistanis for a better tomorrow. There are different fashion designers, who have presented the opportunity to build the nationalistic sentiments and they have exhibited the Azadi collections.



There are some of the fashion designers, who have designed the latest collection, which is for the day and they have provided the green dresses and made the dresses unique and excellent. The whole collection of the dresses are prepared with green dresses and the media has shown their items, which they offer to their customers.

CAP – The History Collection

Citizens Archive of Pakistan has started the dresses launch by making the collaboration with six designers to celebrate the Independence Day and they have prepared the present collection of the dresses. Deepak Perwani has created the wonderful look of the dresses and the proud neon pink scarf with the Lollywood personalities and gives an ode to the cinemas.


Mahgul has created the wonderful collection showing the offset of Frere Hall of Karachi and they have shown the wonderful embroidery work on the monochrome. There is another fashion house, Polly and Other Stories has created the embroidered bag by taking the inspiration from the vintage matchbox of Pakistan. Khaula Jamil of K for Karachi has designed the line of jewelry and the inspiration has been taken from the flags and stamps and HSY has designed the digital printed tunic with the currency of Pakistan and it is added with the images of the 10 local celebrities.

Mahin Hussain has designed the wonderful dresses and she has organized the wonderful creation of the dresses, which is excellent creation for the celebration of 14th August. She has designed the dresses with the particular line and she is not doing the solo collection. She is included in the six designers, who have made the collaboration with CAP. The women and girls can find her capsule collection and they are available for the girls in the older designs and the she has taken the inspiration of the dresses from the vintage ads. She has launched the collection in which she launched the beauty creams and also the Peshawari chappal, which is getting popularity and the international designer, Paul Smith has picked them up.


Sapphire has launched the capsule collection of dresses, ‘Freedom Nation’ and in this fashion house, the fashion designer Khadija Shah has created the finest collection, which can be wearable. They have created the bright yellow, green, white and black dresses and they are excellent to wear the whole year. This collection is added with contemporary dresses in which kurtas and drop shoulders and they are included with three designs for the men. The dresses of this collection have the price range from Rs.2390 to Rs.3090.



The fashion house is going to give an ode to Fatima Jinnah and they are going to create white gharara. Khadija Rehman is the creative head of the brand and she has uploaded the complete collection of the dresses on the facebook fan page and she is highlighting the cultural, social and ergonomical contributions of the non-Muslim Pakistanis and has shown the significance of white in the flag. The fashion brand, generation is making commemoration with the sartorial contributions of Perwani to the voice of Zoe Viccaji and the contributions of Dr Mira Phailbus in the education sector and it has made an effort to celebrate them on 14 August.

Sonya Battla

This fashion designer has prepared this wonderful style of kurta in commemoration of the great values and sacrifices of Abdul Sattar Edhi, which he made for the country and this was the biggest loss this year. Sonya Battla said they have shared this and on the down front of the kurta, you can watch the sketch of Edhi and now it is retailed at Rs.8400. the designer has announced that all the proceeds will be handed over to the Edhi Foundation.


The fashion label, Crescent has prepared the complete Independence Day line and it is added with palette of green and blues and it can be worn all of the year. The tunics of the women are great and they are added with unique and beautiful digital prints and have the occasional spurts designed in multi colors and the price of the dresses is about Rs.2500.

Leisure Club

Leisure Club has provided the complete collection of the dresses in the store and it is titled with ‘Made of Pakistan’. The fashion brand has been preparing the complete range of the souvenir and various people, who are visiting from other countries, they do not have the visual language for Pakistan and they have created the complete range of diaries, hairpins, school bags, magnets, water bottles and badges.

Sana Safinaz

The fashion designer, Sana Safinaz has prepared the collection with the Independence Day tunics. The traditional pop Pakistan green and it is contrasted with the lovely hot pink floral motifs and this have the iconic face of Pakistani women and men by making paint on their faces. The tunics will be made available at price Rs.1890.

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