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By Safyan

Best Makeup Brands for dark skin

Best Makeup Brands for dark skin


Beauty brands used various new and best products to meet the requirements of the margin of skin tone and color. There are various fashion brands, which have done wonderful working on the dark skin tones and it got popularity. The luxe lines expand the shade ranges to add deeper tones and they are releasing the new products with the diverse customer base. There are the women with the darker complexions to get the wider variety of concealers and foundations to get from them and the high pigment lipsticks along with the creamy bushes to pop against the skin tone.

Iman Cosmetics

Iman is a goddess and she want to put something which she creates on the faces and the products are really good. The products are produced with medium to dark skin tones and they assume the limit the options. The line is most popular for mineral based foundations one pictured and sinks in instantly for sheer finish and the genius skincare makeup hybrids like Under Cover Agent Oil Control.

Black Opal

Black Opal was founded in New York in 1994 and this was the first technologically advanced product, which is recommended by the doctors and mass market skincare line for the women of color. It was positively received and the brand rolled out the makeup line and the cores of their lines are foundations and concealers and it is formulated to match all skin tones within dull residue.

Black Up

Black Up was founded by the African American makeup artist and it is the first ever luxe beauty brand, which is created for women of color. It has received the Sephora seal of approval and the products of Black Up are claimed to enhance the dark skin tones and do not match them. The standout products are added with contouring stick and it comes in five medium to deep shade, blush, lipstick and they are super pigmented and show up excellently against dark skin tones.


MAC is well known for the high pigment formula, wide range of shades and has the bright colors. It is the first thing to create more diverse shade range. The products are suited for darker skin tones and it is provided in 16 inky colors and Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, which the two of the most loved.


Nars is similar to MAC and it is widely known and loved for the extensive selection of the shades and formulas. It can become the favorite of the makeup artist and the foundations of the brand are appealing to women having with darker skin tone. They are offered in soft satin and matte finishes and cult concealer comes in the deep cocoa color to perfect for brightening up the under eyes on darker skin tones.

Fashion Fair

Fashion Fair is the cosmetic product for the women, who have mocha toned skin and the foundations of brand are considered not as darker shades but with the wide range of undertones and it comes with the darker shades. The color collection is the fun, vibrant shades in this collection.

Becca Cosmetics

Becca Cosmetics may not cater to dark skin tones and it has vast array of primers, foundations and highlighters and they are definitely made with them. The women love this foundation and they come in deep shades and have the most beautiful matte and natural finish.

Make Up For Ever

You can ask from the makeup artist and she will have one Make Up for Ever product in the kit. This product has the silky smooth formulas, staying power and unexpected finishes and they all contribute to the popularity and have the wide array of foundation shades. The brand has re-released Ultra HD versions and it has the much loved foundations and the foundation sticks. They are added with new range of 40 shades and deliver the airbrushed finish for all skin tones.

Cover FX

Cover FX is the new brand and it has been created with intention of delivery of natural looking finish for the skin tones. The main product is Custom Drops and you can add to moisturizer, tinted moisturizer and sunscreen to complete the shade and coverage to shit the unique skin tone.


When we talk about the creation of the products, Lancome flatters and enhances the darker skin tones. The Tiente Idol Ultra 24H foundation offers the wide range of medium to deepen the shades and the leading makeup artists reach to it when prep the Nyong’o for red carpet. We lust over newly launched palette and it features the 16 stunning shimmery and matte shades to wash of the color on lid.

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