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Jewelry remains a popular accessory, and that fact is not likely to change anytime in the near future. The age of minimalism jewelry hopefully not coming back anytime soon, the truth is that women love jewelry, and most of the more the better.

Girl with Bejewell Jewellary

Girl with Bejewell Jewellary


For jewelry are all about mixing synthetic fibers with fibers that look natural and current. Everyone talks about the environment and now that fashion experts are recycled fabrics and natural fibers and is bringing a whole new look. Gray, cement, clay, recycled paper and medium earth tones contrasted with darker colors in jewelry.

Chunky earrings hanging ornaments are a must-have for Spring / Summer 2009. Huge door knocker type of jewelry, large enough contact with the models shoulders to the style chandelier dangling beauties were definitely show stoppers. Ranging from the wild, the beautiful, to the downright wacky, out-there statement jewelry really made ​​its mark on the 2009 Spring / Summer takeoff and landing runways. Jewelry in large, chunky beads will remain well behaved in 2009. However, there is much attention for jewelry that comes from Mother Nature. Wooden jewelry is less desirable than last year, but turquoise, coral, jewelry and Jasper continue stones of your choice. Large, meaningful patterns in ethnic jewelry pendant can be worn with the beads or on their own chains of any size and color.

Some important jewelry materials that are on the rise

* seed beaded jewelry
* thick wooden beaded jewelry
* The mixed color wire jewelry
* printed and painted shell jewelry
* manufactured metal jewelry worn

There is definitely something for everyone in jewelry market today. It can do almost anything. Who could ask for more? And so go, find, buy and have fun!

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