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By Zain




Hyderabad, The male owner of the beauty parlour was arrested in the sukkur district on Sunday. The blame was put on him as he was involved in filming of the female customers through the hidden cameras, which are installed in washroom. It is said that he allegedly filmed and blackmailed 70 women.

The police has started the investigation and the police sought seven days physical remand of suspect, Kamran Yousufzai and it is ended up to get only 4 days physical remand from the court. The B-section police produced the alleged owner of the beauty parlour before the court and they read out the initial charge sheet. It is reported that Yousufzai owns the Sonia Beauty Parlour in the commercial area located at Mission road.

When the SSP has taken the notice of the complaint then the police came into action and it raided on the beauty parlour and they captured the owner of the beauty parlour. They recovered cameras, recordings and bottles of liquor. The alleged owner of the parlour got the money from the female customers after recording the videos. It is informed by the in-charge of CIA that he received a complaint and he informed the police about the blackmailing of the owner, Yousufzai and he also shared the video. It is said that his mobile phone was connected with the hidden camera.

He further added that the FIR was registered against the owner and this FIR has the sections of sexual harassment and Hudood ordinance. He was investigating whether the female beauticians were involved with to carry on his activities or not. It is informed that the Wi-Fi cameras were connected to the mobile phone of the owner and he used to watch the live videos through it. The police person said that over dozen videos were found stored in the mobile of Yousufzai and the customers used the washrooms to change the clothes. Yousufzai talked with media and said that he bought and installed the hidden cameras four to five months ago and he also admitted that he recorded the videos of the female customers.



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