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Before women’s were supposed to use perfumes most, but now a days a man loves to use perfume. Now you can say that men and women are using the same quantity of perfumes. A perfume provides fragrance so it was said that perfume belongs to women but it is wrong because today men’s are using perfumes mostly.


Dolce & Gabbana - Men Perfume

Dolce & Gabbana - Men Perfume


Some peoples use a high smell perfumes to shows other and some use light quality perfumes with light smell. Light smell perfumes are mostly used in women’s because lighter perfumes make attraction of others. So one who wants to catch others concentration will mostly use bold perfumes but one who only wants to keep their fragrance with them uses light fragrance perfumes. You know what light perfumes also make you feel romantic to others.


Man of Style

Man of Style


After shave is also considered in perfumes because the smell of after shave remains for long time. So most of the peoples in today’s world mostly use high fragrance after shaves. Body spray are also used mostly because it will give a new look and attraction to others. Nowadays peoples mostly use perfumes according to their dressings and occasions.


Perfume companies are earning a lot of money because of high use of perfumes by men’s and women’s.  Trend of using perfumes increases globally that’s why small and big perfume making companies are running their business successfully.


Versace for Man

Versace for Man


It is also seen that many designers and showbiz stars also launches their own perfumes to be used in the entire world.  Actually a personality is not completed with out perfume, so when ever you buy any perfume first see whether that perfume will add a new look in you personality or not.


Mostly it is seen that what ever type of dress you are wearing you will use the same perfume. Like in women’s if they are wearing a red dress then they will use flower fragrance perfume which will give more attraction.

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