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We will talk about some of the fashionable winter wear for men this year and also a guide to men’s styling. If you want to learn what trends are going to be in fashion this year and what has already become, then keep on reading this article. Shall we start?

1. Neutral Shades Cardigans:

This winter season, the cardigans have hit back with a huge bang, and are totally in vogue. You should all, from your wardrobe take out sweaters which are in neutral shades and get them dry cleaned, it is for all of those who are a fan of sweaters. For this winter season, a big NO, to the bulky cardigans, as they are out of fashion now and they makes you look larger and bulkier than you already are. In this winter season if you want to look stylish then stay away from bulky cardigans. It is all about style and trends, isn’t it?

Neutral Shades Cardigans

Neutral Shades Cardigans

2. Insanely Awesome Tweeds:

Nothing else can ever give more stylish look to the men then the tweed. No matter which year we all are moving in, the tweed never ever goes out of the fashion, which is very unique thing about tweeds. If you want to escalate your fashion meter, then while going for the tweeds, always choose warm variety of tweeds in warm shades. While walking on the ramp, this year, the male models were donning tweed coats, trousers, and blazers, and everyone can tell that they all looked insanely awesome and stunning.

3. Sexy Waistcoats:

This year around, the waistcoats are making a big style statement, I don’t know that you have already heard it or not! You can check out all the different magazines of men and you will that in every other magazine the models are wearing these sexy waistcoats. You can wear waistcoats along with the chinos, jeans, and polo shirts, which will make you sexy and chic.



4. Velvet:

By a number of fashion designers, the black and various shades of gray velvet have been called the fabric of the season, but sometimes velvet may sound a bit gaudy too. You can also go subtle with the velvet collared jackets; this is for all those men, who do not like to go bold with velvet.

Mens Blazer In Velvet

Mens Blazer In Velvet

5. Hot Military flavor:

The modified look of military is one of the really hottest styles that are in the air this season. To look trendy and to stay warm, you can wear a mixture of air force blue and army green along with an aviator jacket or a shearling. In order to look professionally stylish, then it is the most novel way. I will suggest you all to try it in this season.

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