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By zeeshan

Beard hair loss is a common problem that can be initiated due to several reasons. If there is a large patch on your face then it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suffering from an inner problem.

You don’t require visiting a medical doctor if there is no soreness, redness and scale in the area of your hair loss. This condition can get worse if you are suffering from stress or any emotional period. Like many other problems, they can also be caused by your genes. It means that you can have them if your father or grandfather had the same problem.

If it is not the case then you can notice your diet as this could be behind your problem. Hair follicles can be damaged with low quantity of iron and Vitamin B12 that suppress their growth and restart new ones that appear silver or white.

A dangerous autoimmune condition can be a reason behind this but it is very uncommon and you can easily know about this from a doctor quite easily.

Best Way to loss Beard Hair

Best Way to loss Beard Hair

But one should remain hopeful about this as you can easily get away with discoloration and hair loss after some time (between six and nine months) in most of the cases. After that, the beard will grow and achieve dark color like before.

You can also have other ways to end this beard hair loss problem by consulting your GP.

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