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By zeeshan

When the summer season is arrived, the trend and fashion of kurta shalwar or kameez shalwar becomes trendy among the young boys and men.  Various fashion brands like to prepare the traditional dresses of kurta or kameez shalwar, which they like to wear for their festivals or on the Friday to offer the jumma prayer. Men like to wear gents kurta designs and they also like to wear these traditional dresses during the holy month of Ramadan. The popular fashion houses keep in mind the new styles and trends of these kurta shalwars and their design to enhance the look of these kurtas. Most of the times, the embroidered kurta shalwars are prepared and the boys and men like to wear these kurta shalwar as formal wear for weddings and other events. The young generation living in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Gulf States or in Afghanistan and even in many European countries, they like to wear kurta shalwar being remembered it as their traditional dresses.

The fashion labels have prepared the latest and trendy dresses including kurta shalwars, kameez so that they can celebrate the big event of the eids and marriages as these dresses are paired with Peshawari chappal or sandals and they can enhance their look. There are different pictures of the latest trendy kurta or kameez shalwars are added with this page and the boys and men like to wear such trendy dresses on different events.



















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