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Men are normally a sterner sex and they have the ability to face various problems and challenges in their real life. Men are different in physical appearance and through their psychological stabilities. There are various health care reasons which show that the life of men is different and a little bit hard than women. The fitness guide shows that the health of the men is good due to some reasons which ensure their long life and stability for a longer time. Now we will discuss that on what grounds we say that the health of the men is better and how they live for a longer time.

Why Men Live Long than Women

Why Men Live Long than Women

Healthy and strong heart

The men have strong heart which works with normal speed and makes the systems of the body functional for a longer time. Normally the working or functions of the men are hard and stern as compared to women and their inner side of the body is also hard and strong. The physical activities and the physical treatment of men give health and strength to the heart which works at normal pace and pump the blood to all parts of the body. There are number of diet plans and various other exercises which keep men strong and healthy and he can also perform healthy activities in his daily life.

Defeat Depression

The man has to work for different profession and his work is also hard as compared to women. He has to work for earn his living for him and his family so he has to face number of problems in his life time. During his working, he faces depression and such problems many times in his life so he can defeat depression easily unlike females. Men’s fitness guide shows that this is the very reason for which men have the competency to face such types of problems and by defeating the depression, the age of men can be increased up to 10 more years so men should avoid depression which tells upon their health.

Ditch Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which is commonly found in our country. This disease has shown bad impact on the health of our people and causes various weaknesses in our body. Men take their meal and work for earning money so they have sufficient time to working which help to digest their meal along with burning of calories so they have less chances of facing for diabetic problems but on the other hand most of the women stay at home and they do not have enough chances to move here and there. Men’s fitness guides them to lead a simple and healthy life by their simple activities like walk, jogging or take fresh air in the open area which decrease their tension and save them suffering from diabetes.

Emotional Stability

Women are more emotional than men because men are stronger and they decide every matter without being emotional. The decisions made in emotional mood are no longer strong and durable. Men’s health care suggests that the emotional stability should be counted in this respect and every person should be given attention for their strong emotional health. The people emotionally strong enjoy sound health and they have to face fewer problems if compared to other people.

Healthy food

Men are always in the habit of eating healthy food which ensures his long life and health. It is a common tradition of our society that men are treated with good and healthy food as compared to the female so they enjoy good and sound health. Men also do not use spices in large quantity which can create various abdominal problems in women and resultantly they face various health complications at later stage. The healthy food means food with sufficient quantity of vitamins and minerals which are vital for your daily body routine and help them for living a healthy and longer life.

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