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Before peoples used different small laptops to view different videos while traveling but now a new technology came to existence. Now you can easily view images, videos and mp3s in a larger format on you iPod or iPhone. With the help of Widescreen Remote Control iPhone Viewer now you can view all videos and images very clearly and in a very large format. The feature used in this Iphone is an 8 ½ inch LCD screen and with a 16.9 aspect ratio. All the videos and images seen on the screen have clarity with 480×234 pixel resolution, which is very high quality of resolution provided in any iPhone or Ipod.

ddcc iphone universal remote

ddcc iphone universal remote

Remote Control iPhone Viewer allows you to view and control each and every part of your iphone which is not seen in most of the iPhone or Ipod. It has an extended user interface which shows the menu and all other functions which and information which you need.

All these type of Remote iPod or iPhone have 8 watt built in speaker for a better sound and playback of movies, music and videos. If you have any movie or video saved in any other device like USB or memory card then you can view or play all those items from this iPhone. Because these iPhone or iPod have a facility of memory card slot which accepts SD, MMC and MS cards, which also allows you to play data easily from other devices.

Remote Control iPhone Viewer

Remote Control iPhone Viewer

For its different functions, quality and styles these Remote Control iPhone Viewers are most famous and used in the world. These viewers also includes FM radio with 20 stations per set.

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