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Person Claim He is a Dog

London, The 37 years old store manager, Kays James in UK considers himself a human puppy. Now he started wearing the dress like dogs and he eats the biscuits of dogs in their special pot. He welcomes his friends by barking over them.

He keeps every aspect of his life near the living of the dogs. The dogs biscuits of Bonio company is his favorite food and he got prepared a suit worth million rupees, which can give him the shape of a dog.

He is a Dog claim by British Person

He came to Manchester from Norfok in 2005 and he has been feeling disturbance in his nature since his boyhood. He said that he did not consider him a human being but he considered him a dog and he felt uneasy, when he looked out of his environment.

British Person Claim He is a Dog

Kays told that he growled over his friends in his school at the age of six years and he snatched the collar of their shirts with his teeth. After many year, he met with a person, ‘Human Pep’ on the internet after 17 years, who has the same nature and his nature also has the same feature. After that he got prepared this special suit having worth of three lac rupees, which is made up of wool and rubber and he wears this dresses and adopts the shape of a dog. He also growls over the dog passing through his street and he licks the hands of his friends to show his love to them.

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