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By Safyan

A vast researched study has found that use of yogurt strengthens bones of elderly people also while it is more beneficial for old women.

This study was done with the collaboration of several medical research organizations of Ireland in which 5,000 people above 40 years of age were included. The bone mineral density (BMD) and strength of legs and hips bone were measured in the persons included in the test.

When the effects of everyday factors and food was eliminated from these persons then it was found that people that use 200 gm yogurt twice or thrice in a week for long period had stronger bones as compared to other people while the amount of beneficial minerals was also higher in these people. Bones of women started to weaken when their age passes 40 years and they start to become victim of osteoporosis and osteopenia.

The report published in research journal “Osteoporosis International” shows that the rate of osteoporosis reduces to 31% and osteopenia to 39% in women who uses 200 gram yogurt thrice in a week. Older men also attained much benefit from regular use of yogurt and their osteoporosis level reduces to 52%.

Yogurt Strengthens Bones

Yogurt Strengthens Bones



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