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By zeeshan

World’s most rare and expensive cat “Caracat” is now presented for sale in Russia and its price is 1.5 million Russian rubles (2.3 million PKR).

The total number of these cats in the whole world is just 30 whose race is prepared with crossbreeding of common domestic cat and wild cat (wild caracal).

Wild Caracal is a huge wild cat which is a symbol of monarchy and grandeur since ancient times. Its height is 20” while its weight is 33 pounds (20 kg). There is a glimpse of this cat in the mummies of pharaohs. It was also buried along pharaoh by making their mummies.

In ancient China, this wild cat had the status of ‘Monarch’s gift’ while it is also sale as expensive domestic cat. But wild caracal becomes dangerous and even injures its master.

Due to this reason, a caracat was prepared with the crossbreeding of domestic cat and wild cat which is quite similar to the original caracal due to its pointed nails, roar like lion and huge built but it is also quite peaceful.

The experts of crossbreeding says that preparation of caracat is very difficult and there are ethical objections on it also due to which only 30 such cats could be produced so far.

Though, caracat has health problems due to crossbreeding but their purchasers are usually wealthy people and they take care of their cats well. Many purchasers even order before the birth of caracat and live with younger cat in order to get use to with them.

After crossbreeding, the second generation of caracat is also in progress with the combination of male and female caracat but their numbers are very few and they are carefully increased so that they would be better than their first generation with more ability of life and health.


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