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By zeeshan

With the increase in age and use of heavy diet, most of the people gain weight and they think to lose their weight after sometime. Most of the people like to eat junk food and cold drinks, which is the main cause to increase in their body weight. The excessive use of cold drink can increase the calories in your body. The cold drinks like Pepsi or Coke contains calories than Sprite or Fanta. The people need to check the traditional methods to lose their body weight. They can try the simple trick with Homemade Honey vinegar to lose their weight and they can watch over it.

A Simple Trick to lose weight by Homemade Honey Vinegar

You should mix one quarter of filtered honey and mix it with 8 quarter of warm water in the container. Then they can cover it with cloth and store in the bucket and close the head with the rubber band. You can keep this mixture in the dark place for 10 to 15 days and after that Honey Vinegar is ready to use. Now you can drink it every day and your body weight will be lost.


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