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By jawad

Prostate cancer is spreading very fast in the males of Europe and America and there are several patients of this disease in Pakistan also. But this dangerous disease can be eradicated with the use of three simple foods.

A research on rats was conducted by Dr. Stefano Tiziani of University of Texas in which they were given turmeric, red grapes and apples. After eating these foods, cells of prostate cancers started to eliminate quickly on which the experts said that males can keep away from this fatal disease by eating turmeric, red grapes and apples together while the patients of this disease can also get rid of this disease through these foods.

Initially, scientists made the male rats patients of prostate cancer and then extract their cancer cells and human’s cancer cells and experimented these three ingredients on them. These foods started to destroy the cancer cells quickly and they proved even more effective than medicine of prostate cancer when they were given directly to the rats as they ended the prostate cancer cells and stop the production of more cancerous cells.

The experts say that these foods help to eliminate prostate cancer cells without any side effects. There are such ingredients in these two fruits and a spice that stop the prostate cancer. One ingredient is quite famous known as Curcumin and is found in large quantity in turmeric. The second ingredient is Ursolic Acid which is present in the peel of apple while the important ingredient present in red grapes is called resveratrol which is also present in few berries. They destroy cancer cells by blocking the passage of their food. Therefore, these foods are very useful for elderly persons.

It should be remembered that every 7th person in USA and every 8th person in UK is patient of prostate cancer.


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