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By zeeshan

A common kitchen product, turmeric, is one of the best medicines in world because magical elements in it can cure diseases from heart burn to food poisoning.

Several ingredients in turmeric can prevent from several types of cancers. Turmeric is commonly used in Pakistan and India but now experts experimented on mice and gave them more than normal turmeric. American experts say that experiments on mice proved that turmeric contains an element named “Cerqumen” that prevented breast cancer in mouse. Another research shows that turmeric plays important role to eliminate such elements that causes Alzheimer in brain. Due to this reasons, experts are advocating more quantity of turmeric in foods.

Another interesting experiment was conducted in University College London where it was tested that whether turmeric can change our gene or not? It is an important reason to create several diseases.

In this test, few things around gene were noted which is called ‘gene package’ which tells the gene about its function. In genetic language, it is called methylation and its directions can also cause diseases. 100 volunteers from 40 to 50 years of age were selected for this purpose and they were divided in 3 groups. First group was given capsules with 3.2 mg turmeric in it, second group was given dummy pills and the third group was given one spoon of turmeric for 6 weeks. Later, it was found that the genes of asthma, depression, allergy and cancer in the group with turmeric powder added in food were reduced. Now, it is the first time that properties of turmeric to change gene are found.

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