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By zeeshan

Yoga can help you achieve weight loss, beautiful glowing skin, calm mind and a strong and flexile body. But several times, yoga is only known as several yga poses (asanas). Due to this reason, many people only know about the benefits of yoga on body while they ignore its importance for breath, mind and unification of body.

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga

Top 10 Benefits of Yoga


We will provide you 10 health benefits of yoga practice here below:

  1. 1. All-round fitness. Physical, mental and emotional fitness is necessary to achieve total health. According to a yoga guru, absence of disease is not mere fitness but it also shows your enthusiasm, joy and love. You can achieve such complete fitness through yoga postures, meditations and breathing techniques.
  2. 2. Weight loss. You can get this benefit also with yoga. You can lose weight through practices like Kapal Bhati pranayama and Sun Salutations. Apart from that, we also go for food required by our body after yoga practices. It helps us to check our weight.
  3. 3. Stress relief. You can get rid of everyday stress of both body and mind with just few minutes of yoga. Stress can easily be released through meditations and yoga postures. Through the Art of Living Yoga Level 2 Course, you can easily de-stress and de-tox your body.
  4. 4. Inner peace. Areas with natural beauty and calmness are liked by every person. But many are unaware that we can find peace within our bodies and this could be achieved anytime through meditation and yoga. A disturbed mind can easily be calmed by the everyday practice of yoga.
  5. 5. Improved immunity. Human body is a blend of spirit, body and mind. If any of these body parts are affected, it disturbs the whole system of body. You can strength muscles and organs through yoga poses while health of mind can be achieved by meditation and breathing techniques.
  6. 6. Living with greater awareness. Our mind never remains in present as it swings from past to future. By keeping our mind in the present, we can help ourselves to relax our mind and relieve from stress. You can be happy by bringing your mind in awareness and present by the use of pranayama and yoga.
  7. 7. Better relationships. You can also strengthen your relationship with your parents, spouse, friends or family members through yoga. Sensitive relationship matters can easily be brought up by a calm and relaxed mind. We know happy and relax mind can be achieved by yoga that helps to keep good relationship with people around you.
  8. 8. Increased energy. Most of us really feel exhausted at the end of the day due to various types of tasks we accomplish whole day. But you can acquire your lost energy after long day work with just few minutes of yoga every day. You can get fully charge after a tiresome day with just 10 minutes of online guided meditation.
  9. 9. Better flexibility & posture. A body can easily strong and flexible be achieved with just few minutes of yoga every day. Body muscles are stretched and toned by yoga. The improvement of body posture through yoga helps you to walk, stand, sit and sleep in a right way which is necessary to get rid of body pain.

10. Better intuition. You can also improve your insight through yoga and meditation. Just after experiencing it for some time, you will feel the difference yourself.

It should be remembered that complete benefits of yoga can only be achieved through continuous practice.

It should also be remembered that yoga is not a substitute for medicine while yoga postures should only be practiced under the guidance of a yoga instructor. You should consult a doctor if you feel pain or other problems while practicing yoga postures.

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