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People say that the slim people can wear any type of dress and it can suit on their bodies. It is the old saying and it is not necessary that it may true. There are various types of dresses, which the fan people wear and they do not look so fat but to some extent, they look smart and slim. There are some of the points, which will help you in understand the rules for having the slim look.

Tips for Making Your Look Slim


Tips for Making Your Look Slim

Tips for Making Your Look Slim

There are some of the rules and tips to make your look slimmer.

1.         Understand Your Body Shape

This is the first tip to understand the shape of you 

r body. Every body should understand the basic structure of his/her body. They can easily the dresses that what kind of dress, they should wear and how they can wear the dark pants and paired them with the colored tops. The people with broad shoulders, should wear the close fitting top and is also added with the flared shirt or pants.

2.        Skinny Heels with Pointy Toes

The people has the fat legs should select the dress having the tights or flappers. Such type of people should also wear the skinny heels with the pointy toes. In this way, their legs will be looked slim and smart.

3.        Grazing & Structure Fabric

When the women and girls were tights, then they should add the lose shirt on top and they should not wear the fitted shirt as it will give very strange look to your body. If the women wear lose flapper below than they should wear tight shirt but it should not be so much tight. This type of dress will give you an elegant look to your body.

4.        Set Your Own Rule

Every women and girls should have their own rules and they should apply tip to look beautiful and slim. The women can change the rules as there are no permanent rules in the fashion industry. They should look for the new trends in fashion and see the best fashion prevailing in the market & adopt those rules.

5.        Choose Color Strategically

If you want to become slim and smart and also looks like the same, then they should look at this important factor. You should also use the bright and decent colors to make your look beautiful and stunning and the pastel colors are also used to make your look smart and slim.

6.        Not Too-Tight Clothes

The people also wear the dress, which are a little bit loose but not tight with their bodies as they can show the ugly and awkward looking of their bodies. It your body is little bit heavy then the tight dresses will show the body heavy and fat and the figure will not look smart and slim.

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