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In Ramadan people love to eat different type of food in iftar. You can also have iftar with the yummy recipe like this. This recipe is very healthy for whole Ramadan because it’s an instant energy provider. Such type of recipes is also known as iftar tradition recipes. This recipe won’t take too much long time in preparation and will be liked by the whole family. There are six steps for making it and these six steps will give you a yummy iftar recipe.

Sweet Ramazan Dates

Sweet Ramazan Dates


  1. Take a dish and soak the chana lentils in it for about an hour. Then add 4 cups of water to it and cook till soft.
  2. Now powder the poppy seeds (khaskhash) and the dry coconut also.
  3. After doing all this add the cloves and the boiled chana lentils with water in oil.
  4. Then add the powdered poppy seeds and the dry coconut in it.
  5. Wait for sometime, when it starts boiling add the jaggery (gur) in it.
  6. Now stir the mixture until it’s smooth and brown.


french toast

french toast

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