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The long awaited auspicious month of Ramadan has arrived. It’s that time of year when Muslims the opportunity to fully devote himself to Allah and His blessings to earn the fullest. The two main aspects of the Ramadan Iftar and Sehar, along with the prayers. Like any other time of year where the health, this is also a time to stay healthy so we can perform our prayers and fasting in eight efficient.

During Lent there are some common problems that each individual faces. It is essential to learn how to cure these common problems and solutions for staying healthy during the holy month of Ramadan can be found. Such problems include fatigue, aggressiveness, constipation, low blood pressure, leading to dizziness, headaches, etc.


Tips to Stay Healthy in Ramadan

Tips to Stay Healthy in Ramadan


Usually people during Ramzan not worry much of their diet and try to fill their stomachs with all kinds of unhealthy they can post. Well, this is not very wise thing to do. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has taught us not to feed ourselves to our hearts content and always leave some space. Overeating is a very unhealthy habit that can lead to problems such as constipation, heart burn, etc.

Here are some useful tips to help you stay healthy during Ramadan:

* First, change the menu Sehri just cancel out all the heavy and greasy stuff you have on your list and add some items with nutritional value. Such as food rich in carbohydrates and proteins, to encourage you and your family fry them fresh and extremely beneficial to health. Be sure not to eat too much.

* Drink at least 2-3 glasses of water Sehri it will help keep you hydrated throughout the day and you will not feel dizzy at any time of day.

* Avoid stuffing yourself with everything that is present at the Iftar time table. Try following the Sunnah by breaking the fast with a lot of dates and milk.

* Always have a dessert in the Iftar menu because it can help you regain the glucose in your body and keep you on-the-go.

* Like every other day exercise will prove beneficial in the month of Ramadan. A walk for 10-15 minutes would be good.

* Be sure to wash your hands before and after each meal you have.

* Brushing and flossing your teeth should always be kept in mind.

* Avoid spicy and fried food really.

Hope these tips will help you spend a healthy Ramzan.

Ramadan Mubarik! May Allah bless us all!

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