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By Safyan

A new research has proved the benefits of chewing food well as it saves people from diseases while the experts say that chewing the food well creates such cells that fight against disease producing germs.

It is said in a new research report that T-Helper cells (TH 17) are secrete from mouth of those who chew their food well while these cells are part of body immune system and they defends against disease producing germs and also grow body friendly bacteria.

This study was done by scientists of University of Manchester according to which the gums strengthen our immune system with chewing food while the doctors say that extra chewing breaks teeth and gums but it also creates TH 17 cells.

According to experts, TH 17 cells fight against dangerous germs but large quantity of TH 17 cells is also not good as it can create gums’ disease that can result in diabetes and arthritis. The experts also informed people about the dangers of inflammation and burning sensation in mouth and warned them not to ignore them as they can be symptoms of several diseases.

Stay healthy by chewing well

Stay healthy by chewing well

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