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By zeeshan

The psychologists have done their research work for 20 years on enhancement of mind power, improve the memory and keep the brain fresh and active and they told some best foods, which help to keep the brand fresh. They have done extensive research work and gained vast experience.

The psychiatrists said that with the use of these foods, the countless number of patients has controlled their diseases, who were suffered with the brain diseases. According to the experts, the brain gets such ingredients with the change in food, which can improve acquisitions, concentration and memory and these foods, vegetables and fruits are on the top of it.

Vegetables Having Green Leaves

There are various vegetables, which have green leaves in which spinach, amaranths and other deep green leaves vegetables, which have very precious minerals. These minerals have calcium, potassium, foliate, zinc and manganese. These foods can improve the activities of brain.


Meat of Grazing animals

Although beef and mutton are not considered the best foods of brain but people should eat at least less quantity of meat of the animals once in a week, which graze in the green fields. The meat of these animals has necessary fats for the brain.

Dry Fruit Having Kernels

There are different dry fruits like almond, pistachio, apricot, cashew, and other dry fruits having kernels and they have proteins and such food ingredients, which strengthen the brain. These food items have an important ingredient named Selenium, which enhances the efficiency of the brain.


Organic Olive Oil

The good organic olive oil is filled with anti oxidants and it can improve the mood of the person.

Different Kinds of Seeds

The seeds of sunflower, linseed, sesame and other kinds of seeds are filled with anti oxidants. They can have Omega 3, Fighto Chemicals, anti oxidants and other important ingredients, which can leave better impact on the growth and acquisitions of the human brain.

Colored Vegetables

The colors of the vegetables like sweet potato, tomato, carrot, red and orange colored capsicum show that they have fiber, minerals, enzymes, and other different and important ingredients, which are very necessary for the brain.


Cauliflower and Broccoli

The vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli has fighto chemicals and other important ingredients, which can help is protecting from cancer and they keep the brain healthy and active.


Peas and other kinds of beams have the necessary ingredients for estrogen and brain, in which fiber plays an important role for the brain.


Oh the other side, the experts warned against such food items, which can be harmful for the brain, in which drinking alcohol, sweets and fried foods and other things.


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