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All Muslims have to eat two times a day in Ramadan or you can say that Ramadan restricts of eating two times a day. And those two times are sehr and iftar. In the month of Ramadan we let our diet to run even faster instead of taking full advantages.

ramadan diet plan

ramadan diet plan

In the month of Ramadan diet should not be let loose because of frequent sehr and iftar parties held daily. Fast means to not eat food for next dozen or more hours, so a better sehri will help you for the whole day. For having a healthy or better sehri always try to eat less in iftari or if you eat a lot then try to do work outs like walking, running or jogging. Because this will help you in digesting the food quickly.

Basically in Ramadan before eating sehr or iftar we feel hunger a lot and can’t hold it for more so for that purpose a healthy food is necessary. So that the day of 12 hours with out eating will pass smoothly. Eating dates in the morning will help to remain fit for the whole day. In Ramadan sehri and iftari is because to let over selves right into the greed trap.

ramadan meal plan

ramadan meal plan

By eating lots of fruits and vegetables at iftar, will make you feel little boar but it will help to glow your skin. The most important rule for Ramadan diet is to drink as much water as you can before sehr and iftar. And please don’t sleep all the time in fast because that will make you fat. So it’s better to have some movement or walk after iftar and do some work in fast. It is mostly seen that in Ramadan peoples mostly gains extra weight because in sehr and in iftar they eat like there is no tomorrow.

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