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By Safyan

Hong Kong, There is a restaurant in Hong Kong, which is becoming more and more popular as you can sit with the rabbit and you can have meal with them. The café located in this hotel is given the title of ‘Rabbit Land’ and it is present in Hong Kong. This restaurant got tremendous popularity in just two months. There is capacity of only 150 people to come and take meal or tea. About 7000 people visit this hotel daily and there are some café having cats.

Over two dozens beautiful rabbits are kept in this restaurant and they belong to different species. You can enjoy with tea, coffee and biscuit and you can also buy the rabbits from here. The main thing for the popularity of this restaurant is that the native people have great love with the rabbits and they keep them as their pet animals in their homes. Therefore, this hotel is not the strange place for the general public.

The families visit this hotel with their children and they become happy to see these speechless and beautiful animals. You can keep your rabbit in this restaurant and the administration of the hotel takes good care of your animals. The doctors raised some concerns to take meal with the rabbits. The zoologists said that consistent pressure is built up on the animals for changing their places and the animals can be affected severely.

The owner of the hotel says that ear stretching and holding them in hands are strictly prohibited. He changes the places of rabbits after every two hours. Besides all these, the staff of the hotel is strictly advised to take care of the rabbits.

Rabbit in Hong Kong’s Restaurant

Rabbit in Hong Kong’s Restaurant

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