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By zeeshan

Melbourne, The University of Melbourne, Australia has prepared such a polymer, which can kill the germs like bacteria without use of antibiotics. This star shaped polymer has the ability to attack on the bacteria after searching it. The Chinese fame student, Chu Liam invented this polymer, and she is doing PhD in the university. This polymer has the capability not to hit the healthy germs or tissues but it looks for the germs or bacteria and breaks their skin and kills them.

Antibiotics are comprised of the poisons, which can have capability to kill the germs. These antibiotics also affect other body tissues and they become the reason of the side effects in the body. The excessive use of antibiotics can help the germs to create their resistance against the antibiotic medicines. To kill such germs, the new medicines are made and delivered in the market. This star shaped polymer is the molecular weapon and it helps to look for the germs and tears their skins to kill them. This polymer is tried in the laboratories on the rats successfully and now the preparations are made for the clinical trial on the human beings.

The germs, which have developed their resistance against the antibiotics, they are big issue in the world of medicine. Now about 0.7 million people are died due to these germs and if this situation is persisted then the experts say that the number of patients will be about 10 million annually around the world till 2050 due to these tough germs. The budget of about 1000 billion dollars will be reserved to control these germs. If this technique to kill the germs becomes effective, then it will also be used for the treatment of many diseases and the medicine of the 21st century will be revolutionized with this invention.

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