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Most of the people want to do some casual thing and they want to wake up one morning and look for the some replacement in their calendar. Some people want to make plan to the last minute from charting New Year resolutions to the festive celebrations.

For the people, who are keen to move to the interesting sites and they want to have some adventure in their lives and they want to go outdoor for some change, they can select the best ever places. They should check the 7 most exciting locations in Pakistan that are worth watching.

Deosai National Park

The beautiful and wonderful place is located in the areas like Skardu, Gultari, Astore and Kharmang valley. This beautiful landscape is located in the Gilgit-Baltistan province, northern region of Pakistan and people can go there during the summer season. This beautiful place is located at the height of 13497 feet and it is included in the highest plateaus across the world. Deosai National Park is the home of the splendid and beautiful beasts, in which brown bear and snow leopard and the Himalayan ibex are present in this area and the people will also find the large and wonderful species of the flora.

People can visit Sheosar Lake or blind lake, which is present in the park at the elevation of 4142 meters.

Lake Saif ul Malook

This most magnificent and ethereal decent lake is located amid the mighty mountains and this most beautiful valley and lake grasp aesthetic soul and it can appease the senses. This wonderful lake is located at northern side of Kaghan valley and the people can go there through the adventurous road, which is started from Naran. During the winter season, it is not easy to go there but during the summer season, people in folks go there and enjoy this masterpiece of nature, which is standing in between the mountains. This area is calm and it haunts the lake as the splendid mountains and it is clad with white robes during the winter season and shows the sheer bliss.

Nagar Fort, Chitral

Nagar Fort is located in Chitral and it is the reminder of the glorious and wonderful area, which is the residence of the royal family. This grand fortress offers the glimpse into history of this beautiful city and shows the norms and culture of this city. This is the winter house in early 1900 by Mehtar and you can have approach there through the suspension bridge and it has the wide array of well maintained gardens, which are blossomed with the summery hues.

Payee Lake, Shogran

The beautiful and magnificent lake is located among the high mountains and it gives the humble meadow, which is surrounded by the snowy peaks like Makra Peak and Queen of Mountains. Payee Lake has the similarity with Siri Lake, which is locally termed as Siri Payee and it is located near Shogran in Kaghan Valley. It is the wonderful and ethereal beautiful place, which attracts the tourists every year.

Banjosa Lake

This beautiful lake is located at the place, where the enchanting plains of Kashmir are present and it is such a picnic point, which must be part of your must visit stops. It is surrounded by thick pine forests and located amongst the steep slopes. This place has beautiful weather and the snow covered plains are present in December and January. It is 20 kilometers away from Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir and located at the altitude of 1981 meters.


Balakot is the town, which is beautiful place and you can get the food, residence and markets, which can meet the requirements of the people and they can also buy the handicrafts and it gives the scenic view of Kunhar River that passes through the mountains to make beautiful view in this area. During the earthquake of 2005, it was completely damaged and this town was rebuilt in short period of time. This is the beautiful place and an important part of Mansehra district.

Hunza Valley

This is the most beautiful place, which people must praise the Mighty Lord for the creation of this beautiful world. Hunza Valley is truly called the beautiful place, which is considered the paradise on earth and this is the awe inspiring location, which can soothe the senses of the people. This valley is the integral part of Gilgit-Baltistan, which is the mountainous region and it captivate the souls of the visitors. This valley is layered with high peaks and it is added with enchanting and captivating mist, which is spread on the lush green fields and this is the most favorite tourist site.

This is the glorious valley and it is sprawled across the northern regions and gives wonderful sight during the summer season. The local people proud on this beautiful heritage and it offers them the heartwarming hospitality to the visitors.

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