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By zeeshan

The introduction of SOI in Karachi is the latest addition to the food scene in Karachi. It is located at Khayaban e Seher and it is the small place, where the contemporary vibe, which has the stale grey walls, industrial bare bulbs and wood finishes, which is studded with leather and there are many green plants t enhance its look.


The menu of the food is modern Pan-Asian and it is combination of familiar and has the distinctive rang from the ever present Wasabi Prawns to Chiang Mai Khao Soi and it is far different from the local versions of Khowsey.

For the starters, the limited range of two soups, two salads, Vietnamese rice paper rolls and they are added with wasabi prawns and chicken wings. The customers can try white hot and sour soup, wasabi prawns and wings. The restaurants provides the eatable well and they enjoy with the little sour soup and it will be much fresher and tastier than any other thing and they can get the kitchen sink type of hot and sour soup and they are provided at various Chinese restaurants.




The viewers can watch the entry list of SOI, which is very interesting and the bowls are added with signature Wok and they have range of specials to do the experiment. They also want to execute the classic things including crispy fish with tamarind sauce and pad thai. The customers can order for Soi Spicy Noodles, which are the Korean Beef Bowl, Sticky Oyster Chicken and Mongolian Beef.

The clients can enjoy with all these dishes and order the Mongolian Beef. The flavors and textures of the dishes are well balanced and the basil is added in the Oyster Chicken and adds the fragrance and fresh and tasty crunch of green beans to make it more delicious and savory taste of beef. The Spicy Soi Noodles are added with noodles and crisp vegetables and the stir fried chicken.


The clients can get the stickier fragrant rice with Asian food on the flip side and they can also get two types of drinks, which are available there and they are mint lemonade and ginger lemonade. There are two different types of the desserts in which Nutella Wontons and Raspberry Cheesecake and they can try these cuisine.

This restaurant is set up by the Pakistani individuals including Salman Gora, Sana and Salman is the executive at Engro. They said that they were thinking to open this place for long time. He further added that his family belongs to Burma and they know these flavors, which they cook at their homes. Most of the recipes, which they introduce in their restaurant, has been developed over the years and they got the thrilling response from the users.

SOI is the place, which the clients should go and they should palate their taste. They can add some exciting starters to the menu. He said that they do not accept the credit cards yet and the tables can be seen there, having little cramp.

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