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  • Gram Flour (Basin) sieved 250 gms
  • Sweet Soda 1 chutki
  • Palak 1 bush (cut into small size)
  • Anar Dana (washed) 1 tbsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Red chili powder to taste
  • Sarson Oil for fry
Palak Pakorian

Palak Pakorian


Wash palak and put into an open container. Now put sieved basin into another utensil. Mix anardana, salt, red chili powder and sweet soda into it. Now mix water into it and make mixture of it. When this mixture turns into a fine shape then mix palak into it and beat them very well then let this mixture for one hour. Heat the sarson oil into the frying pan on high flame and pour the palak pakorian into the pan in round shape and fry them it golden shape. Serve them with green coriander, mint, green chili, garlic, and anardana sauce.

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