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Most Expensive Meat of the World one Plate Rs.700000 Comments

By zeeshan

Paris, The most expensive meat of the world is available in paris and it is prepared in very unique style. The clients can get one steak for 3 lac and 20 thousands rupees and one plate of this meat costs for 70 thousands rupees. A French citizen has prepared this meat and his family has been working for preparation of this meat since 1846.

The meat is about 5 years old and extreme cold wind is passed over it with the speed of 120 kilometers per hour and it is protected on -34°C, which is called the hibernation of the meat. The cost of the upper area of leg or steak is $3200 or 3,25,000 rupees. They get the meat from the special cows and these cows are kept in the healthy and natural habitat and they are provided with fresh grass. These cows are kept at the farm, where every kind of facility is provided to them and they are also kept away from any noise or tension as it can tell upon their meat. They slaughter only four cows in every week and their meat is sold after making it very old. When you will give the order for meat, you will find 5 years old meat. This meat is also available in some other hotels in France and Hong Kong and it is very expensive meat. You can also find 10 to 15 years old meats from these hotels, and the cost of one plate of this meat can be 70,000.

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