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As your baby starts crawling, then time is come for you to have a baby proof home. If you look at your home, you will find many dangerous things which could be replaced by baby proof products for the safety and protection of your child. To secure your baby, a list of some helpful baby proof products that are followed which are easily found in the market.

Make Your Home Baby Proof

Make Your Home Baby Proof

Living Room
To save your baby you will have to make a baby proof home room by room.

  • Keep fans, space heaters and other things out of the reach of your baby that can cause severe burns and cuts to your baby.
  • Install electrical outlet plugs to save your child from shock.
  • Your must have locked windows and safe furniture.


  • Keep pillows and other soft toys out of the reach of your child.
  • Keep small jewelry, perfumes, colognes, belts, shoe polish and other such materials out of reach of baby reach.
  • If you have a room refrigerator, you should remove refrigerator magnets. Such smaller things can be a cause of choking risk for your baby.
Make Your Home Baby Proof

Make Your Home Baby Proof

Bathroom is the place where some essential arrangements be made to make it baby proof:-

  • Turn off the tap of hot water to avoid burning of your baby if he/she accidentally turns on the water tap.
  • Keeping medicines, cosmetics, razor blades and other accessories out of the reach of child.
  • Use faucet covers over the waterspout.
  • Also remember to use toilet latch and door latch to keep your baby safe.


Some helpful tips for making a baby proof home are as follows:

  • Make your place a baby proof home by hiding all electrical switches behind furniture or covering them with plastic caps.
  • Wrap the electrical wires to make them out of reach of your baby.
  • Cover sharp corners of furniture by corner guards and blunt the sharp corners.
  • Keep floors clean and vacuumed. Remove all small objects that can cause choking accidently.
  • Keep all dresser drawers and knobs securely tight.
  • Install latches on doors, dustbins or appliances.
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