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By Safyan

Make Good Use of Roof

Make Good Use of Roof

The women take care of their bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchen, common room, lounge and other parts of the house, which is very nice habit. They have enough space on the roof of their homes and they can make good use of the roof of their homes. If you home is well decorated, then it will give good look and the sense of decoration of the home and it leaves positive impact on the family members as well as on the guests.

Most of the women do not think about this important part of the home, which has enough space and it can be used for different purposes. The roofs of most of the houses are covered with dust and other extra things are placed on the roof. The broken items and other mess is gathered on the roof of the house. There are millions of the houses in Pakistan, which spend their summer nights on the roof and they also use the roofs for different purposes. If they clean the roofs regularly and make them beautiful, then they can spend their spare time on the roof and get enjoyment from the beauty and elegance of the roofs.

It is responsibility of the women to decorate their homes and they can make their homes beautiful. Most of the men go out of the home for their works and they do not have enough time to give care to their homes. They have only one day during a week, which is holiday to work on the roof. First they need to remove the dust and get rid of the spare things, which are placed on the roof of the house. They need to have boundary wall on the roof and paint it in bright color. They can buy the artificial flowers and plants from market or grow the original plants in the mud parts. They can buy tiny bulbs or LEDs to hang on the walls of the roof.

They can make good quality floor on the roof or make the roof even with application of cement so that it can become even and water can flow from all corners of the roof easily. You can place the flowerpots along the wall of the roof and grow green plants and flowers, which can give sweet smell and the sense of freshness in the morning. You can place some chairs or two or three bedstead on the roof and place jug or cooler of water on the tripod and get enjoyment with tea or coffee in the morning or evening.

If you have children and they want to study, they can sit on the roof and enjoy their study. If you have some guests, then you can take them to the roof and serve them tea there. If you have tuition centers, you can spread the plastic mat and let the students to study there in the open air. The women can do their sewing work there and spend some time with your family. You can use your roof for different purposes. You can also do the bar-bi cue on the roof.

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