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  • Jheengay Medium size 8 Nos.
  • Gram Flour (Basin) 1 cup (sieved)
  • Egg 1 No.
  • Green Chili chopped few Nos
  • Black pepper without grind
  • Green coriander chopped ½ bush
  • Curd or Dahi 1 tsp
  • White zeera without grind 1 tsp
  • Sweet Soda ½ tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Cooking oil for fry
Jheenga Pakora

Jheenga Pakora


Wash jheenga (crab) and put into sieve so that water is rinsed. Take gram flour (basin), egg, soda and curd into a cup and beat in warm water. Grind black pepper and white zeera and mix into gram flour. Then mix green chili, green coriander and salt. Pout oil into the sauce and hot it. Put jheenga (crab) into the mixture of gram flour and fry in the hot oil till its colour turns into golden brown and take out on the absorbent paper so that excessive oil be absorbed into the paper.

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