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1.      1 Whole Chicken (with breasts removed and reserved)

2.      2 diced onions

3.      1 peeled & sliced large Carrot

4.      1 sliced stalk of Celery

5.      2 Bay Leaves (Tezz Pattay)

6.      Dried Thyme ½ table spoon

7.      Fresh Parsley Leaves (minced)¼ cup

8.      Salt (of your taste)

9.      Black Pepper (Pisi Kaali Mirch) (fresh ground) (of your taste)

10.  Olive Oil (Zaitoon Ka Tail) 1 table spoon.

11.  2 quarts of Boiling Water

Homemade Chicken Soup

Homemade Chicken Soup



Take oil in a large heavy bottomed soup pot, when oil is hot Sauté the breasts until they are light brown, it will be done in 5 minutes. After that remove the breasts and set a side. Add half of the onion and sauté for sometime until translucent. This will be done in approximately 5 minutes and after that remove it and set a side.

After that cut the remaining parts of the chicken into small pieces and remember not to cut the breasts of the chicken. This should be done in this way that chicken release juice in short time. If you use meat cleaver then it will be easy for you to do it easy. But if you don’t have then its best to do it with chef’s knife.

Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

Add all these pieces in a pot and cook for approximately 10 to 12 minutes, in other words cook it until there will be no longer pink left. Put the onion in the pot with a low heat and cover the pot. Do this for a time when chicken releases its juices, which will happen in approximately 20 minutes. After that add boiling water and remaining chicken breasts with 2 tea spoons of salt and bay leaves. Cover it and simmer until the chicken breasts are cooked in about 20 minutes. When chicken breasts will be cooked then you can increase the heat for extra water to finish.


After that remove the chicken breasts and set a side. And skim fat from the broth. So that 2 table spoons are reserved for cooking the vegetables. Add the reserved fat to the soup pot and saute the remaining onions along with carrots and celery for round about 5 minutes. When the chicken breasts are cooled and enough to handle then slightly remove and discard the skin and bones of the chicken breasts. Shred the breasts meat into small pieces and put it into the pot. When vegetables will be tender then add thyme and reserved broth in it. After that simmer it until the vegetables are tender. You can also add noodles, orzo or small pasta shells before serving.

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