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By zeeshan

We all know that nights are quite hot now and it’s really difficult to remain sleep at night with these high temperatures along with load shedding. But it is still possible to maintain your sleep despite the hot weather as you can cool yourself with little strategy.

Phyllis Zees is the director of Sleep Disorder Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital US and he says that sleep largely depends on weather. It is because the body temperature reduces with sleep. It’s important to get rid of some of the head that you generated at day time in order to get comfortable sleep.

The research shows that sleep can be achieved with body of neither too hot nor too cold temperature. Air conditioner is the best way to achieve this but you can achieve that even in absence of an AC by adopting few of the suggestions provided here.

  1. 1. Stay hydrated

Zee told that the body cools down through sweating but you have to drink a lot in order to make this system work perfectly. Few people try not to drink too much water in order to avoid washroom during night but that’s not a problem.

2. Skip an ice bath

As contrary to normal belief, getting a cold shower is not the best idea before going to bed. Zee says that your body requires to cool down but getting it too much too quickly will make your body to preserve heat inside. Instead of reminding your brain that you are too cold, it’s better tell him you want to get rid of excess heat. For this purpose, it’s better to get a shower with normal temperature that will make you feel refreshing along with making the body keeps your temperature down.

3. Think ventilation

Use the fan according to your requirement. You can even use two fans also in case you feel heat more than others. This should be a portable fan that must be placed near a window to bring some cooler air also.

4. Stay low

Hot air rises above which makes it better to sleep as close to ground as possible. Try sleep on ground floor if you lives in a multi story building but if it’s not possible then you should sleep on your floor. The cool tiles will make you feel comfortable and it’s also good for your back.

5. Give your mattress a break

Thick mattress retains body heat which can disturb sleep in summers. It’s better not to use these mattresses on few hot summer days and they should be replaced with a cushion or a thin pad to let your body heat escape.

6. Dress loose and light

This is also an important thing that most people know. You can wake up with relaxed mind or with lot of sweat only with the use of right type of dress on night. You can dry the sweat quickly with light, loose and natural fabrics.

7. Move up your workout

You should reschedule your gym time at eth start of the day as regular exercise is good for a peaceful sleep. But exercising late at night during hot and humid conditions will increase your core body temperature. It means exercising at night is bad idea for sleeping in summer.

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