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By Safyan

Foods That May Add Few Extra Years in Your Life

Foods That May Add Few Extra Years in Your Life


Each single person of us wants to age with grace. While the tough routines of our increase the dark circles, wrinkle skin and make our hair grey, we must know about the foods that can helps us in living happier, healthier and longer. Here is the list of the 6 foods that can help in adding few extra golden years to your life.

Split Peas

When it comes to enlong your life it doesn’t matter that how you eat your green and yellow legumes as long as you eat them. Eating whole, cooked peas and other legumes, a staple of the Mediterranean diet, May actual slow down ageing on a particular level, according to the BMJ journal. Researchers say that it’s the nutrients and the antioxidants that give them longevity power.



Going for nuts to make your health better is the best thing you are going to do and especially walnut, the people who eat walnut 3 times a week a more enjoy 2 to 3 more years of life, according to the published research of BMC medicine. Such people reduce the risk of heart attack and cancer; these two are the main killers we found as we age. And according to another study the life lightening didn’t extended from peanut to peanut butter. Walnut is also shown as a food for you to look smarter.


Vegetable Protein

No one in asking you to ditch your steak but having a food free from meat once a week is good for your health and will increase weeks in your life.  The vegetable protein helps in increasing your lifespan and especially if you are suffering from kidney problems, according to the study done by the American society of nephrology. Food such as quinoa, rice and beans, soy and tofu nearly has the same protein as in meat but by eating vegetables you also get the benefits of fiber, vitamins and minerals.



Omega 3 has the most powerful longevity benefits; it also helps to reduce the risk of heart attack and diabetes, according to the study of nutrition and dietetics. While you can find all these miracle compounds in all kind of fatty fish, one of the best known sources is sardines. Yes by just one of these tiny fish will give you half of your daily value for omega 3 and nearly 400% of your daily requirement for vitamin b12, another food for longer life.



Eating a diet high in healthy fats, including the chain of fatty acids in coconut, slow down the ageing of brain by protecting the DNA from damage, according to the study done by the University of Copenhagen. While the study was done in mice, the researchers say that it’s possible that the tropical fruit help the human to keep their mind young.



As we know it’s a healthy food so it will be no surprise to hear that its god for you, but do you know that the carrots not only increase the life span but also help you to look hotter if eaten regularly? A study done by the University of Glasgow found that the carotenoids that give the carrot the orange color can also slow down the ageing process with the added bonus of making people more attractive to potential mates.


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