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By zeeshan

American experts have warned that use of plastic chopping board for chopping of vegetables, meat etc. is harmful for your health. It is known in a recent research that food related diseases are seen with more severity and abundance in the homes where plastic chopping board is used.

Traditionally, wooden boards are used in homes to chop vegetables and meat but they are quite heavy and expensive due to which plastic chopping boards are in the market for their replacement since past few years. The sellers of these plastic boards claim that these chopping boards are not only light weight and durable but also more ‘secure’ but now an expert of food security in the North Carolina State University said that it is just a misconception because plastic chopping board can be several times more polluted with germs as compared to wooden chopping board.

Use of Plastic Chopping Board dangerous for health

The experts discovered after examining various types of chopping boards in local population that plastic chopping boards work as secure place for various types of germs while wooden chopping boards are several times more secure in this aspect. They told that deep scratches appeared with striking of sharp edge of knife on even the hardest plastic after which microscopic food germs and other dangerous germs enter these openings.

These scratches are apparently very thin but the germs remain inside these scratches even after washing of plastic chopping boards. These germs grow by consuming microscopic residues of food and which makes this plastic chopping board dangerous for health. In contrary, wooden chopping board is quite strong and resists against scratches.

The scratches on wooden chopping board are not very deep while it is easy to wash these scratches as wood absorbs the water well and germs get very little chance to settle inside these wooden chopping boards.

Use of Plastic Chopping Board dangerous for health

Despite this research, the experts say that it will be stupidity not to properly wash the wooden boards by considering them safe because wooden chopping board can be as dangerous as plastic board if it is not washed properly.

The experts advise that both wooden and plastic chopping boards can remain safe and durable for longer if they are washed before and after use with warm water and standard dish washing powder.

This is the research of initial level and the final decision will be taken by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) or Food and Drug Administration (FDA) while both these departments have already declared it unsafe to use both wooden and plastic chopping boards for too long.


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