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By zeeshan

Burger is considered the king among the sandwiches and it is universally favorite. When it is started, it gets popular among the people and now it is available in far and wide of the world. When we speak about the burgers, there are different cheese, beef and other burgers, which are carefully prepped and cooked faultlessly, lightly seasoned, tender and succulent. Here are some of the picks, which are prepared in different styles and offered to the food lovers:

Gouda Burger – The Pantry

People will order for medium-well patty and it is added with rocket leaves and cheese, which are perfect addition on the burger.

Gourmet Swiss Mushroom Melt – On My Grill

Gourmet Swiss mushroom melt

Gourmet Swiss mushroom melt

This burger is added with mushrooms, Swiss cheese and tasty charred beef patty. This is very delicious burger and it is crispy and complemented with thick cut fries.

The Big Bang – Burger Lab

This is the good patty burger, which is paired with pepperoni, jalapenos, onion rings, lettuce, fiery hot and Lab sauce. This burger has many flavors.

Shack Full House – The Burger Shack

This burger is based on the jalapeno sauce and it gets from peppercorns to make this burger special and you should try to make this burger.

Mr Burger Cheese – Mr Burger

Mr Burger Cheese

Mr Burger Cheese

This burger has been favorite since 1980 and Mr Burger serves different types of burgers within the city.

Old School Cheese Burger – Xander’s

The Xander burger is about the beef and it provides great patty and traditional in every sense. The people can enjoy with some roast potato wedges.

Louisiana – POWs

This is the tasty burger with caramelized onions and it is prepared with Louisiana sauce, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions and melted cheddar choose and Louisiana burger of POW and you should check it.



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